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Welcome to a fundamental moment in the history of SITS!


On 8th of October a fundamental moment in the history of SITS occurred! The SITS International database was launched! Having bypassed more than one month since the date of launch, we at SITS must say that the interest has been extensive. Especially, users wanting to have prompt access to the new SITS database in order to start entering patient data. Until now we have had over 1000 previous centres re-applying, approximately 200 new centres applying to the new SITS database, and also some new countries joining the SITS Registry.  

We sincerely hope that you share our joy and anticipation. It is ultimately you as a user who should benefit from the progression of the SITS database. 

We at the SITS International Coordination Team will gradually ensure that every previous user that has re-applied, from the previous database (Db2) to the new database (Db3), and every new users that has applied to the new database will be processed by the SITS International Coordination Team. Approvals will be done continuously, and so we ask of your patience as this process involves many users from all over the world.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us at for any inquires. We will assist you immediately.  

With the most happiest regards,

The SITS International Coordination Team

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