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Technical updates in SITS database

Activate/inactivate data forms, Odd rows colored in data forms, Fixed an issue with login problems, Small design fixes
  • Activate/inactivate Data forms – possibility for the Local Coordinator to activate and inactivate different data forms at the centre. Can be useful if a centre decides to start using a new data form, e.g. the new Thrombectomy data form (TBYP-s).

    When a new centre is joining SITS, the data forms IVTP-s and APP-m are activated by default in the Centre settings - accessible by the Local Coordinator (LC). LC is free to activate other kinds of data forms. We suggest that the LC inform the centre's Local Users (LU) before changing settings that affects input of patient data to avoid a surprise situation next time a LU opens a patient file and in this case encounter a inactivated data form.

    Inactivate a data form will affect all your unlocked patient files using that data form. Next time you go to the Patient Summary for any of these patient files you may be prompted to switch to a new available data form or selecting a different acute phase intervention. Meanwhile, a patient file (of this kind) will be in a read-only state until a choice has been made, then it becomes editable again. Data forms can be changed back again, by having the Local Coordinator activate the data form again in Centre settings. There will be no data loss when changing a data form.

  • Odd rows are now colored in data form to improve the readability
  • Fixed an issue where some users had problems to log in after their mail addresses were changed.
  • Small design fixes


If you have any questions regarding the new updates, please mail us at

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