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SOLVED: Login and Browser freeze issues

Many users have now confirmed that they are able to login as usual and that their browser doesn't freeze/stop after they've logged in to database.

If you still experience any of these issues please contact us at


Description of the issues:

  • Browser freeze: It has come to our knowledge that some users' web browsers have stopped running while logged in at SITS database or after saving data. We did a system update Monday Dec 2, 2013 that probably caused the issue. We are working intensively to solve this. As it now seems, this only affects Internet Explorer browsers. A temporary solution could be to try other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Login problem: A couple of users have reported a problem that they can't log in to SITS database from this morning (Dec 11, 2013). We have identified the problem and are working right now to solve it.

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