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SITS releases the Thrombectomy Registry

We are pleased to announce that the SITS Thrombectomy Registry will be launched now in December.

Mechanical thrombectomy is a developing technique with a great potential value. Today several stroke centres have a few years of experience and many have recently started. The SITS thrombectomy registry (SITS-TBY) will offer an opportunity for all these centres to document their experiences in a systematic way so that we can compare results and increase our knowledge about the technique, it´s potential benefits and it´s safety. We need to collect large series of data from an international group of participants to enable any conclusions on safety and clinical outcome.

Every stroke centre working with thrombectomy is invited to participate in SITS. The only conditions are to accept the basic ethical rules of SITS: to register all patients and not a selection, to accept source data monitoring and to provide patient information/consent in accordance with local practice. If you are already a participant in SITS for documenting intravenous thrombolysis or stroke patients in general, adding another protocol such as SITS-TBY will be easy. Upon opening of the protocol this month, you can go to your centre settings and check the box for usage of SITS-TBY. When you then indicate that a new patient is treated with thrombectomy, the relevant data entry form develops. It would be practical, for a thrombectomy protocol, at least a local neurointerventionist should join either as a local coordinator or a local user. The local neurologist and the local neurointerventionist should agree on how to share the responsibility for data entry.

If you are not at present a SITS centre, such a centre has to be created. This can be done through the centre registration form at the website. Upon registration, there will be an optional protocol for all stroke patients and a protocol for i.v. thrombolysis. If you prefer not to register all patients, or all thrombolysis patients, but only thrombectomy patients, please ignore these protocols, go to the centre page, check for participation in SITS-TBY and you can then start registering. Patients bridged to thrombectomy from thrombolysis will be offered a combined protocol.

Please not that these possibilities will be activated as soon as we announce that the SITS-TBY protocol is opened.

We are suggesting that the thrombectomy protocol is supported by a team of neurologists (or other stroke physicians) and neurointerventionists. Ideally, a neurologist (or stroke physician) is registering the centre through the registration form as a local coordinator. Then other local participants can register as local users. The local coordinator can then appoint a neurointerventionist to the position of local coordinator, so that this position is shared be one member from each team.

Please follow this website for new updates on this in near time.

We will also shortly inform about the clinical trial, SITS-OPEN, which will compare thrombectomy + iv thrombolysis versus iv thrombolysis only in patients with occlusions in the terminal carotid, proximal middle cerebral artery and basilar artery. The study will engage about 60 clinical centres and 600 patients. More information about this study will follow.

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