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SITS in alliance with PAREXEL

SITS has established an alliance with PAREXEL, a world leading global biopharmaceutical services organisation present in 52 countries around the world. The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen SITS role as a platform for clinical trials.

SITS is currently preparing the SITS database for performing trials, either as specific SITS projects or as a part of the European union Framework 7 consortia EUSTROKE and ARISE for which SITS is involved in the clinical trials platform. SITS will also be able to communicate invitations to our member centres to participate in sponsored trials for which SITS may not be directly involved.

We believe that this cooperation will bring value to our member centres by providing opportunities to join interesting clinical trials. By accelerating research on stroke treatments this will also be of benefit to our patients.
The alliance with PAREXEL will in no way change SITS basic objectives or our standing as an independent academic network of stroke clinics.

Please do not hesitate to contact the SITS Coordination office if you have any queries regarding this alliance. You may talk to me or contact Martin Steinberg (, mobile phone +46 709 512068.

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